Sunday, January 9, 2011

christmas cards

for our christmas cards this year i used this photo.....

and tweeked it a little bit in gimp

Saturday, January 8, 2011


wedding invites i made for my little bros wedding:

didnt use enough postage....sorry guys!

the ones i mailed out had black lace, not gray

directions from the back
the end.

Monday, December 20, 2010

party party

sorry my posting got busy...busy
i'm going to try to post the highlights
harleys fourth birthday party:
first we made crayons....

we put them in the gift totes that i made

i made candy dots...they turned out waaay better than i thought they would

then we decorated the house

party time


the cake

i think she had fun

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


made some buttermilk waffles.....again. probably the 5th batch in a month!

i add a teeeeensy bit of maple extract to agave and thats what we use for syrup...gooood!

 then we got dow to the serious beesness
profile shot:

 and then this is what you get (i added the ponytail):

Monday, September 27, 2010

bat caves part 2

the bat cake, enchaladas and guacamole are what Obed chose to have at his party

everyone got glow sticks, glow rings, glow necklaces, a flashlight, a (homemade) batman cape that had elastic for around the neck and wrists (i thought elastic was safer than ribbon for the neck), a batman mask, and a tote for all their loot.

i think he had fun.....



heres what our blacked out kitchen looked like in the light. believe it or not the kids played in here most of the night with their glowsticks and flashlights. its amazing how much fun kids can have with simply a flashlight and a dark room.

we caught this guy after cleaning was an awesome birthday

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

its all right there at the fair

i know ive been terrible this summer with posting. i cant help it! theres too much sunshine, we've been out almost all summer. no time for the computer.
when september hits, i think things will start to go back to normal. ive never really been a summer person until this year, i just dont want it to end!
started out with a coffee in my new glass from a place aaron and i ate at on our anniversary trip....he took me to silverwood....and a few other stops.

off to the fair!

friendly baby cow

axle noticed their sleeping position. does this look weird to anybody else?

harley at the "knights of the realm" jousting.....awesomeness. my only description.....pure awesomeness.

ferris wheel panic!!!!

tractor pull...both of the boys made it to the finals, but neither won. sooooo fun!! i cant believe this was our first year doing this. we had a blast!

a great end to a fair day....eating an elephant ear while watching the beach boys in concert....i love the beach boys!
theres a little preview of my new sewing project.. the bag on the bottom left.